2015 Encamper Presentation, photo credit KC O'Hara.

2014 Workshop: Through an Indigenous Lens

2013 Encampers with U.S. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton, EFC 1957

The Encampment is ...

... a summer experience where you live what you learn, make new friends from across the nation, and expand your view of the world.

... year-round opportunities for leadership development, building community, and learning.

... a nation-wide network of committed alumni and partners, working for positive change in their home communities. Read on!


Alum Stories

It’s Different When It’s Your Friend

Kendra Dawson, one of our newest alums, tells us about her favorite memory from the Encampment. Check out her alum story and others.

2015 Encampment

I’m more open-minded toward

people from different backgrounds. I’ve learned more about history, and that makes me have a strong desire to help others. Read more »

An early encampment

From the beginning, youth from

“many religious, racial, social, and national backgrounds” came to the Encampment to “make democracy work” by living it. Read more »

EFC videos

Transformative youth leadership program -- Encampment 2015, Jackson, Mississippi.

Jon Kerner, Ph.D, (EFC 1965 CA) describes his Encampment experience.

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EFC photos

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Intergen 2016: Challenges and Strategies, Then and Now


In the EFC’s 70th anniversary year, we invite all alums, parents, and supporters to join us July 22-24, 2016 at Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts. This is our fourth annual intergenerational gathering at the culmination of the 2016 summer program. With our focus on social justice challenges and strategies, then and now, Encampers and staff will be facilitating fun participatory learning experiences.

  • Address: what is the same/what’s different, then and now?

  • Share in our intergen community to help us better understand what’s happening and how can we be most effective in the work we do.

  • Take a look at the culture created around political issues, then and now, and the arts used to respond to those issues from posters to songs to slogans and more.

Email to register: If you have not emailed us already, please contact info@encampmentforcitizenship.org to register. Registration packets available soon!

Consider making a donation: The Encampment's multi-cultural and intergenerational program trains budding youth activists, like Aaron, 17, El Cerrito, CA.

An issue I care about is healthy foods and how low income people can’t afford to get nutritious foods. I feel this is an equality issue and equality is important to me. . . My idea for solving this problem is education regarding the effects of non-nutritious food. Go to the community grocery stores to discuss and learn more about organic and healthy food selections. Involve the local stores, distributors, farms and city leaders to support a campaign to bring more nutritious healthy foods into the local community stores.

Some of the young people still need partial or full funding assistance to participate — can you help? Every donation is appreciated.

Save the date: 70th Anniversary Celebration, November 19, 2016, New York, New York!

Intergen Celebration

Announcing Encampment 2016: July 5-26, 2016
Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts

Clif Bar

Hampshire College is a great fit for the EFC in so many ways, with the first being its mission and philosophy:

“The mission of Hampshire College is to foster a lifelong passion for learning, inquiry, and ethical citizenship that inspires students to contribute to knowledge, justice, and positive change in the world….”

— Margot Gibney, EFC Executive Director

The Hampshire College campus is beautiful and the facilities are a great match for the Encampment’s curriculum overall. In addition, Hampshire College has a strong environmental studies focus, including an intention to be the first U.S. residential college supplying 100 % of electricity from on-site solar energy. Another great feature is that their locally-based food service purchases food directly from local farms and vendors.

Clif BarThe Encampment has been awarded a grant from the Clif Bar Family Foundation. EFC has an effective social justice curriculum that helps youth draw the connections between social, economic, and environmental issues. This grant will strengthen our environmental justice activities. We were happy to hear that:

"Among the hundreds of proposals we have received, your organization stands out as one that will offer social and environmental change. We are confident that your work will continue to contribute to your communities."

Back to our roots — Celebration/Fundraiser at New York Society for Ethical Culture

On November 20, 2015, EFC alums, parents and supporters gathered in camaraderie and to give support for the Encampment’s work with young leaders. Speakers David Rothenberg (EFC 1953, founder of the Fortune Society), Jason Warwin (EFC 1989, co-founder of the Brotherhood/Sista Sol), and Anne Klaeysen (EFC board member, leader of the New York Society for Ethical Culture) inspired us all by recounting their EFC experiences. Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer (EFC 1968) made a surprise visit.

The enthusiastic testimony of recent Encampers and parents emphasized the transformative aspects of the Encampment’s work in these young lives. The EFC’s long history was well represented in the gathering, and youth hopeful to be 2016 Encampers attended, helping us look toward the future. The event was deemed a success by all standards. It provided a place for young and older alums and supporters to meet and be inspired, and for the EFC to raise much-needed funds. Special thanks to alums Nancy Marr (1950) and Jason Neal (1991) for their tireless efforts to organize this event and ongoing recruitment from the New York City area.


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