2017 Encampment: Leisure time.

Service learning at Nueva Esperanza.

Community Singing, photo credit KC O'Hara.

Alums from 1949 to 2016 at 2017 InterGen.

The Encampment is ...

... a summer experience where you live what you learn, make new friends from across the nation, and expand your view of the world.

... year-round opportunities for leadership development, building community, and learning.

... a nation-wide network of committed alumni and partners, working for positive change in their home communities. Read on!


2016 Encampment

The community we have built here is

so strong and so realistic. We’ve had a bunch of issues, every community does, but the fact that we powered our way through is the important part. More »

Alum Stories

It’s Different When It’s Your Friend

Kendra Dawson, one of our newest alums, tells us about her favorite memory from the Encampment. Check out her alum story and others.

An early encampment

From the beginning, youth from

“many religious, racial, social, and national backgrounds” came to the Encampment to “make democracy work” by living it. Read more »

EFC videos

Each year, the Encampment for Citizenship (EFC) runs a summer program that empowers young people aged 15–18 to tackle social injustice and make a positive difference in their communities and the world.

Created in the 2017 Encampment Digital Stories workshop. View all »

Hampshire College -- Encampment 2016, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Jon Kerner, Ph.D, (EFC 1965 CA) describes his Encampment experience.

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EFC photos

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“I never learned this stuff in school or anywhere!” In last week’s highlights, Encampers experienced the sorrows, joys,...

Posted by The Encampment on Monday, 16 July 2018

The Urgency of Now

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Support the newest generation of changemakers at EFC’s 2018 InterGen Weekend, July 20–22, Raymond, MS. Find out what this year’s Encampers are passionate about and participate in youth-led intergenerational, cross-cultural and inspiring community activities!

Register today! Contact us at admin@encampmentforcitizenship.org or 831-515-6775.

2017 Encamper tells why she started raising funds for a 2018 Encamper ... and how you can help!

My name is Grace Cole. I have lived in Utah most of my life. When I was in my junior year, a friend told me about an amazing program focused on social justice. As a result, I participated in the 2017 Encampment. The Encampment changed my life. Read more »

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Grace (right) listening to her fellow Encamper Sarah in a community meeting.

Voting Rights & Education Reform – EFC Freedom Summer 2018!

In 2018, the Encampment for Citizenship summer program will be held June 30 - July 24, 2018 in Raymond, MS, focused on voting rights and education reform.

This is a unique opportunity for young people to learn about voting rights and education reform and work directly with community organizations in Mississippi. While this is the primary focus, participants will also dig deep into other social justice issues and analyze how the EFC approach, based on critical thinking, community building, and use of the arts as organizing tools, is transferable to a wide range of issues.

Call us for more information (831-515-6775).

Andrea and Alan Rabinowitz

EFC Alum and Staff Member Bob Young

We are saddened by the recent death of Bob Young, EFC alum and staff member. This interview, conducted in the week before his death, was sent to us by his “EFC brother” Ed Peeples.

“I cannot think of a more beautiful person”: Bob Young, co-founder of peace festival at Virginia Wesleyan – The Virginian Pilot

A memorial for Bob will take place on Saturday March 17, 2018, from 2 - 4 p.m. at the Wilson Center at the Friends School of Virginia Beach (1537 Laskin Road, Virginia Beach, VA). See more information.

Andrea and Alan Rabinowitz

A message from former Board Member Andrea Rabinowitz:

I have chosen the Encampment for Citizenship to be a recipient of memorial gifts that celebrate the life of my husband, Alan Rabinowitz.

Alan supported so many wonderful people and their causes; he believed deeply in all of them and that together we can keep our world on course somehow. To pick only one, together we chose a group that touched on all of his concerns: grassroots activism, peace, political involvement, environment, young people, inner healing, and group cooperation.

The Encampment is a summer gathering which teaches Civics and civility, self-empowerment and compassion in the context of a larger whole, intercultural understanding and deep appreciation, and once you have been to the Encampment you are part of a lifelong group of activists and healers.

The Encampment was founded right after World War II and the founders were from deep in my childhood and community. Alan and I were on the board together in the mid-1950s; it was one of the first progressive activities that I brought Alan into as we began our journey together. The Encampment has been revived in the last 5 years and we have worked with Margot Gibney, who found it transformative as a teenager, to continue to offer this life-changing experience to teens from all parts of this wonderful country.

The Encampment is a small tightly run organization and your donation will make a difference to it and to the young people that it inspires.

Lastly, we hope this provides an impetus to get to know this group: it may enrich your life as it has ours, perhaps you will keep an eye on it in the future, or know a teen who might benefit from a summer in their program.

Thank you deeply for any gift you make to them in honor of my beloved Alan. Visit the Make a Donation page to make a gift.

Isaac Ben Ezra, Member of the First Encampment in 1946, and Lifelong Social Justice Advocate

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Taken at the summer program July 2017 (photo credit KC O’Hara, EFC alum 2014 Chicago).

It is with sadness, that we report the death of Isaac Ben Ezra on October 4, 2017. This interview was conducted before and after the 2017 Encampment at Hampshire College. Isaac visited this year’s summer program where he shared his life story—a one-person record of the great movements for human rights in the 20th and 21st centuries. He also participated in the 2017 InterGen(erational) Weekend at the culmination of the summer program. Read more »

Highlights of Encampment 2017

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Encampers and staff at the top of Pocumtuck Rock.

The 2017 Encampment’s theme was What Does It Mean to Be an Activist Global Citizen?

This theme and related questions were integrated through each week, in each workshop and activity. ...

Read all about the 2017 Summer Encampment »

2017 InterGen: What Does it Mean to be an Activist Global Citizen?

intergen group photo

“The weekend had the feeling of a family reunion. Feelings of respect, genuineness and passion were everywhere. The relationships between Encampers and alums were honest and sincere. The workshops were informative and productive. The student performances were heartwarming and heartbreaking as they reflected the issues of the day. I think we all left the weekend a little more thankful, hopeful and ‘woke.’”—Board member Steve Davis on the 2016 InterGen

The summer’s theme continues in our fifth Annual InterGen(erational) Weekend, July 21–23, 2017, to be held near the conclusion of the summer program at Hampshire College, Amherst, MA. Margot Gibney, EFC executive director, promises the usual mix of fun interactive activities—with a few surprises this year. “We are keeping the activities that people have enjoyed the most in past years, while adding more depth where we can,” she says. “The intergenerational aspect is the heart of the weekend. The most recent Encampers are eager to learn from and connect with older alums—they will have many questions for them! This year, we are inviting people, when they register, to ask the questions they have for this new generation of activists, so it will be a reciprocal process. This process will strengthen our vision of global activism as an organization—we will be looking at strategies for mobilizing EFC’s intergenerational community as a force for change.”Register here

QUESTIONS? Contact us!

Meet the 2017 Program Director

Michael Carter

Michael Carter (far right) at 2014 Encampment in Chicago, IL.

Michael Carter has been named EFC’s new program director, replacing Jane Sapp, who is now the education director. Ms. Sapp says, “Michael Carter is the perfect person at this moment in time to move the Encampment forward and continue and grow the work of inspiring and cultivating young social justice activists. He is anchored in the history and culture of community. Michael is a very creative person, teacher and leader who works with people by really listening to and respecting them, framing always in the ‘we‘ versus the ‘I.’ People turn to him because he always has a vision and sees beyond the moment.” Read more

Former U.S. Ambassador on Investing in the Future of Social Justice

Aurelia Brazeal

Aurelia Brazeal, alum 1963 Puerto Rico, speaking at the Encampment's 70th Anniversary Celebration

“I can think of no single program that is more important in shaping the next generation of activists we so desperately need than the Encampment. Encampers will provide the agency to find new and creative solutions to our nation’s challenges.”

Donate Today.

70th Anniversary Celebration Returns to EFC's Roots to Celebrate and Support 21st-century Encampment

The New York Society for Ethical Culture hosted the Encampment’s 70th anniversary celebration on Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016, with day-long interactive activities and an evening presentation by EFC alums from the early decades of the program through 2016 Encampers.

Read more about the celebration »

"Not for Nothin'" – video interview with Dyanne London

In 2016 Dyanne London, board member of the Encampment, was interviewed by Susan Fleischmann at Cambridge Community Television, describing what the EFC is and explaining how to can get involved. Watch the episode »

Announcing the new Youth Advisory Council

On November 18, 2016, the Encampment ran a youth board training for recent Encampers. At the training the Encampers identified key issues they wished to address, learned about how a non-profit organization runs, and set goals for their new Youth Advisory Council to accomplish within the next 12 months. The Youth Advisory Council creates a new mechanism for young people to be involved with the Encampment on an ongoing basis.

This council will meet monthly to discuss ideas, support summer programming initiatives, devise new program opportunities and represent youth issues to the Board of Directors. Contact the Youth Advisory Council.

You Don’t Have to Give Up Your Sentiment-laden Treasures for Us to Get Out the Story of the Encampment for Citizenship to the World!

The VCU Archives have the latest state-of-the-art scanners, which can provide giant, high-resolution copies of your prized photos and other documents! It also has 3-D and other printers that can replicate some of your other cherished items for the Encampment archival collection.You don’t have to surrender your mementos. You simply loan them to us for just long enough for us to make high-tech copies and we send them right back to you. Read more »


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