Board, Staff & Committees


Name Resides in Encampment year(s), location(s)
Ada Deer, Chair WI 1956, NY
Hubert Sapp, Vice Chair GA 2013, VA; 2014, IL

Steve Leibman, Treasurer

CA 1969, MT

Maria M. Hernandez, Secretary

Peter Friedman NY  
Margot Gibney CA 1971, MT; 1981, DC; Exec. Dir. 1986-1993
Bob Hirsch CA 1970, MT
Dyanne London MA 1981, DC
Bob Lubetsky NY Exec. Dir. 1976-1982
Nancy Marr NY 1950, NY
Mabel Picotte SD 1992, CA; 1994, CA;  2013, VA; 2014, IL
David Sandoval CA 1966, DC; 1968, MX
Anne Klaeysen NY


Steve Davis CT  



  • Executive Director: Margot Gibney
  • Administrator: Marion Silverbear
  • Program Director: Jane Sapp
  • 2016 Summer Program Staff: Evelyn Aquino, Michael Carter, Todd Jones, Anika Nailah, Mabel Picotte, Kookie Green, onsite Administrative Coordinator
  • 2016 Summer Interns: Kaiyana Cervera, Angel Mendez, Nzingha Primus-Carroll, Aaron Richardson, Tasheena Stewart

Volunteer Committees

  • Alumni/Outreach Committee reaches out to connect interested alumni with their EFC friends and to engage alumni in the vital work to re-establish the organization and support the Encampment.

  • Communication Committee shares the Encampment’s vision through the creation of electronic and print materials and social media.

  • Finance/Fundraising Committee monitors the organization’s ongoing fiscal health and orchestrates the fundraising needed for our program.

  • Program Committee develops and oversees the Encampment programming.

Major Supporters

The Ethical Society has a long history with the Encampment, since its founding by Algernon D. Black and Alice K. Pollitzer. This support continues today.

VCU, Virginia Commonwealth University

The Libraries at Virginia Commonwealth University house the archives of the Encampment for Citizenship. In addition, the Libraries were a major sponsor of the 2013 summer program and a special event on July 13 for alumni, encampers, staff, and the community.