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Encampers from all over the United States – and beyond – are making connections and sharing their experiences. If you are an alum, please use this space to catch up with alum news, connect with other alums, and get more involved in EFC activities.

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Week One of the 2024 Encampment

One overall sentiment that was heard a lot during the daily debriefs and that sums up an underlying theme of this first week is, “I’m going to vote and I’m going get my friends to vote. I see the sacrifices that were made to get the vote and I can see the connections to what is going on now.”


2020 Online Encampment
2019 Intergen.

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Remembering our EFC Community Members

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  • Isaac Ben Ezra, 1946 NY
  • Ed Peeples, 1957 NY
  • Bob Young, 1953 NY, Staff 1965 CA
  • Bill Shannon, Executive Director, 1952–58

The whole EFC experience has been empowering, …

and has helped me see that I have the ability to make a difference. It’s also helped me understand my ability to connect with people from totally different backgrounds to mine.


2018 Encamper, Washington, DC

We are strengthening democracy by creating community.