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We envision a listing of alums and staff of all ages who have completed the survey. When it is complete, it will be a powerful intergenerational networking tool. Help us by filling out the alum surveyIf you do not have a gmail address, or if you do not get a reply within 10 days, please contact us directly at

Contact us if you would like to update your information for the EFC Alum Directory. We rely on you to help us keep it up to date!


2020 Online Encampment
2019 InterGen line dancing with Encampers, parents, staff, board and supporters. Photo credit: Adriana Campos-Ojeda.

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The Encampment gave me the tools to become a better leader. …

I’m no longer as shy. I’m speaking out and not caring if someone doesn’t share my opinion. I’m leaving as a better leader. I’m the center in football and I should have great leadership on the line, but I don’t have great leadership on the line. I feel like this will help me socially and in sports and in my community. I do feel that I became a better leader here.


2017 Encamper, Lemoore, CA

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