Build the The Encampment for Citizenship Collection

at the James Branch Cabell Library Special Collections and Archives, Virginia Commonweath University

The Encampment for Citizenship Collection must be deep, broad and rich, with materials you have on hand or may be able to acquire for us and personal testimonials about your Encampment experience and how it affected your life and/or work. 

VCU Libraries continue to actively collect materials that record and preserve the organization’s history.

You Don’t Have to Give Up Your Sentiment-laden Treasures for Us to Get Out the Story of the Encampment for Citizenship to the World!

The VCU Archives have the latest state-of-the-art scanners, which can provide giant, high-resolution copies of your prized photos and other documents! It also has 3-D and other printers that can replicate some of your other cherished items for the Encampment archival collection.You don’t have to surrender your mementos. You simply loan them to us for just long enough for us to make high-tech copies and we send them right back to you.

Think about it -- once their replicas are in the collection, you can share them with anyone around the world with just a few clicks—at no cost! And keep in mind, the door to this gallery of your precious memories is open 24/7/365. The Archives also can save anything you donate from fire, moisture and other sources of deterioration; not something we can do with certainty at home.

Remember, too, the online links to the Encampment for Citizenship collection are our most effective means to reach people who we don’t yet know, but who may be prospects for recruiting youth and staff and providing all kinds of other help -- including funding support. And it is all free! – Ed Peeples (alum 1957)

What and How to Donate to the Archives

The types of materials that would be of value to the archives collection include, among other items, organizational records such as meeting minutes, directories and reports; publications such as books, articles, yearbooks, pamphlets and brochures; correspondence, notes and commentary, both personal and organizational; photographs and media; and ephemera, including fliers and posters.

If you have materials of this nature and would consider donating them to the collection, we want to hear from you. Before you send anything, please contact the staff at James Branch Cabell Library’s Special Collections and Archives about the items you intend to donate. Contact information is in the right column.

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Archives Contact

VCU - Virginia Commonwealth University

Ray Bonis, Archives Coordinator
Special Collections and Archives
James Branch Cabell Library
Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries
901 Park Avenue
PO Box 842033
Richmond, VA 23284-2033

Telephone: 804-828-1108

Donation Questions?

If you have any other questions or concerns, especially about donating items which are precious to you, please contact the Encampment office.