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at the James Branch Cabell Library Special Collections and Archives, Virginia Commonweath University

The Encampment program is a project of the Encampment for Citizenship, an organization with a long history and over 7,000 encampers whose lives were changed over the 50 years when Encampments were held in the 20th century.

Through the efforts of Ed Peeples (encamper at the 1957, NY and director of 1966 KY Encampment), an archive has been established at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) to preserve the Encampment’s history and legacy for future generations. The VCU Library’s involvement in this endeavor creates an extraordinary opportunity for people to learn about the remarkable history and people in the Encampment’s past and its mission to do similar good work in the 21st century.

The James Branch Cabell Library Special Collections and Archives has begun a collection of Encampment for Citizenship papers, organizational documents, photographs, correspondence, memorabilia and much more that chronicles the history and people associated with the Encampment’s life-altering learning adventure and experience in democratic living.

2020 Online Encampment

Items such as the above, as well as photographs, publications and other ephemera, have been archived.

VCU Libraries has created an online gallery that shows much of the early history of the Encampment.

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This is your Encampment archive! If you are planning a visit to the Richmond area, please contact us ahead of time to arrange to visit the archives and see some of our collection.

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If you have any other questions or concerns, especially about donating items which are precious to you, please contact the Encampment office.


2020 Online Encampment

1949 Encampment visiting Eleanor Roosevelt at Hyde Park. Al Black on the right. Submitted by  Jackie Marlin.

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The Encampment is important because it shows kids how to deal with people who come from different backgrounds. 

You socialize with people who may not have the same first language as you or come from a similar community as you or have the same race, religion or sexual orientation.


2017 Encamper, Martha’s Vineyard, MA

We are strengthening democracy by creating community.