Recent Programs

Recent Encampments

During recent summer programs, Encampers:

  • Lived and worked in their Encampment community with youth and adults from many cultures and backgrounds.
  • Connected important historical and contemporary issues and explored root causes of injustice.
  • Created while exploring the relationship between art and politics.
  • Developed their leadership potential.
  • Visited spectacular natural environments and famous cultural institutions.
  • Engaged in service learning activities in the local community.
  • Met with civic leaders and community activists on a national and local level.
  • Helped govern their Encampment community.
Eleanor Roosevelt with 1946 Encampers

Ursa Piper and Melanie on community. Click image for video.

Eleanor Roosevelt with 1946 Encampers

Click image for 2021 Encampers John and Maribel’s fun video about the Encampment.

Eleanor Roosevelt with 1946 Encampers

2016 Encampment Mt. Monadnock hike. Photo credit, Deanna Mousseau.

The EFC has taught me the importance of community activism.

I am very aware of the political climate nationwide … but I don’t know the councilman who is representing me and the people in my neighborhood. My mother and the people in my neighborhood don’t know. … I realized how important speaking in your community is because otherwise, someone is speaking for you without your input and you can never really get the things that you need and want for your community. It’s that type of complacency I need to go home and fight against.


2017 Encamper, Newark, NJ

We are strengthening democracy by creating community.