75th Anniversary

What’s our role in making sure we have a living democracy in our future?

One way to answer that question is by supporting the Encampment as we celebrate our first 75 years and look to the next 75. We ask you to join us in the EFC’s living experience of democracy through engaging in our community events and activities.

“Why the EFC is Important to Me”

Send pictures from your year, and anecdotes and testimonials about what it means to you to be an EFC alum.
Fill out online (Google form that requires a Gmail address to upload photos) or send to admin@encampmentforcitizenship.org.

Send us your pictures to add to the 75th Anniversary Gallery!

Why is the EFC important to me?

“I learned to value different members of the community and what they contributed to conversations and projects. We also explored different strategies to enact change. The EFC helped me to build confidence especially about issues that I’m passionate about and it helped me find my voice. It helped me become the person I am today and focus my activism efforts.”

– Ayana Henry 2018-19 alum

Each One Finds One

Help us find EFC alums by reaching out to your fellow alums who may not be in touch with the EFC.

Videos Of Alums Talking About Their EFC Experiences

Alumni Experiences Videos (1940-present)

In the summer of 2021, in honor of the 75th anniversary of EFC’s founding, we brought alums together by decade groups. They participated in Zoom meetings, shared their memories of the EFC and how that experience changed them and influenced their lives. These videos show excerpts from these meetings along with excerpts from several recorded interviews from recent years. Visit our Alum Stories page to view.

Social Justice in Action Zoom Series

Join a community forum on a social justice issue.

The Social Justice in Action Series is evolving! Look for announcements of upcoming forums.

Examples of Social Justice in Action Forums in 2021:

First Nations: Rising Voices, an intergenerational discussion of the impact on COVID-19 on First Nations.

The Other Strawberry Festival: Stories of People, Land, and Resistance … a virtual gathering about food system justice, hosted by the Pesticide-Free Soil Projecta program of the EFC.

First Nations: Rising Voices, an intergenerational discussion on education.

Ninth Annual InterGen … virtual in 2021! An intergenerational gathering where current Encampers share what they learned in the summer intensive.

Eleanor Roosevelt with 1946 Encampers

Click image for video of the 75th Anniversary Celebration

Help us ensure the EFC’s impact for the next 75 years.

Make a donation to our Sponsorship Fund and/or to our $75,000 Sustainability Fund.

Make the EFC Part of Your Legacy
Join our Legacy Circle by putting the EFC in your will. Email for more information.

We want to ensure the EFC’s impact for the next 75 years.

We ask you to join us in the EFC’s living experience of democracy through engaging in our community.


Your donation supports the EFC’s work with young leaders including sponsorship of a young person’s participation when their family cannot afford all or part of the fee.

Give to our $75,000 Sustainability Fund. We have set a goal of $75,000 for our 75th year. The fund will be allocated toward additional staffing, succession planning and a prudent reserve fund so the Encampment will be here for another 75.

Make the EFC part of your legacy

Join our Legacy Circle by putting the EFC in your will.

We will roll this out in the next few months and can point you toward the best ways to do this.

You can ask for more information by emailing admin@encampmentforcitizenship.org.

At the Encampment, we created community …

We Encampers come together as a community. We bring our ideas together and form our own government and try to connect with each other. We bring diversity together and learn about each other’s cultures. You learn about other people’s struggles. African-American, Latino, Native American, Caucasia —you are not the only one who is going through something. EFC challenges your mind. You have to look at your opinion and why you have it. You think of ways you want to change your community. It’s a whole new world.


2015 Encamper, Eutaw, AL

We are strengthening democracy by creating community.