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In 2021, the Encampment will bring together young people from all over the country who are passionate about social justice – virtually. Contact the office if you would like more information on what to expect.

This summer, approximately 30 teens from a wide variety of backgrounds will live for three weeks in a supportive multicultural Encampment community where they will explore in depth issues of concern to them and our society.

A Different Kind of Learning

2013 Encampment discussion

2013 Encampment discussion

The Encampment is not “summer school.” But Encampers will learn …

  • About democracy by living democratically and reflecting on their lived experience.
  • About different cultures by living with peers from different backgrounds; Encampers grow by sharing their lives with others.
  • About leadership by working on projects with fellow Encampers. 
  • About themselves by expanding their views of what they can accomplish in the world.

And each youth will learn by teaching others through sharing experiences, talents and friendship.

The Workshop Tradition

The Encampment has a long tradition of inspiring young people to become informed, active participants in their communities. The heart of this tradition is the workshop. Encampers choose their workshops from a variety of topics. In their workshops, Encampers work closely with experienced, knowledgeable staff to investigate important issues. Then they share what they’ve learned with the larger Encampment community. Past workshop topics have included:

  • human rights and civil rights
  • racial, ethnic, and cultural identity
  • health and poverty and
  • environmental issues.

A Variety of Activities

Speakers, films, discussions, community service, and activities planned by the Encampers themselves are all part of the Encampment experience. Social and recreational activities are also important components of the program.

Intergenerational Weekend 2015

Maggie, Kendra, Madison and Kristin with Get Out The Vote materials at the 2018 InterGenerational Weekend.

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See Frequently Asked Questions about the summer program.

Encampment GroupEncamper Alonzo and his family at the 2018 InterGen.

“I love being engaged with others who also want to dedicate their time to social justice and community organizing. Regardless of where each individual is from, the Encampment allows my peers and me to critically think, and actually take what we learn and apply to the real world; unlike school where we are simply encouraged to utilize the tools we are given.”

- 2015 Encamper

“I learned that words can change a lot. For example, going to the Justice Department and having them listen to our youth voices. Learn to speak up, and take action toward making change.”

- 2013 Encamper


“We are teens who care about our futures. We have come to find out how to make our communities and our world better places to live.”

- 1991 Encamper


“This summer has been a
very valuable experience because I've not only learned about different people and the environment, but I've also learned that only by acceptance of one another
can our world be livable.”

- 1970 Encamper