Youth Advisory Council (YAC) – for recent alums

Building Community After the Summer

The YAC answers two challenges that young social justice activists face:

  1. YAC provides continued support and connection after the summer intensive and follow-up for the Encampers, personal and social justice goals through peer discussions and intergenerational gatherings;
  2. The YAC internship creates an organizational conduit for social justice leaders, particularly young leaders of color. The internship affords the next level of opportunity to develop skills in organizational leadership, fundraising, program and workshop development and facilitation, networking, and community building.

Upcoming Events

June 15: YAC — Open to all recent alums (2013–20): Something to be proud of: LGBTQ+ History @ 8 p.m. (EST) Zoom info

YAC Community Gatherings are held via Zoom every third Tuesday. They are open to all recent alums (2013–20). Check the EFC Instagram account for updates on events and activities, including Zoom information.

YAC Survey

Recent alums (2013–present): Interested in getting involved with the Youth Advisory Council?

If you just want to update your contact info, please fill out our contact form.

The highlight has been initiating the Community Call-In, …

… creating a space for recent alums (2013–2020) to re-engage with the EFC. We also started a series of workshops on voting rights for Pace University’s Black Student Union that have generated a lot of energy for getting out the vote.

Marquise Steward

YAC Intern/Advisor, Miami, FL

We are strengthening democracy by creating community.