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take a deeper look at social justice issues • form an inclusive multicultural community • learn more about your own community and share with peers across the nation

fund multicultural democracy

Pesticide-Free Soil Project

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2022 Encampers and Staff

The 2023 Encampment is

July 6-25, Thousand Oaks, CA

Young people ages 15-18


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The Encampment is …

a summer experience to live what you learn, make friends from across the nation, and expand your worldview.
year-round opportunities for leadership development, building community, and learning.
a nationwide network of committed alumni and partners, working for social justice in their home communities.

News & Events

The InterGen Café: Community Care in the Face of Injustice

The InterGen Café: Community Care in the Face of Injustice

An intergenerational group of EFC alums and supporters got together on Zoom to talk about how we can collectively address community care in the face of the racial, gender-based and environmental injustices we see in social media.

Alum Network


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Interview with Hausson Byrd — Art & Social Justice

Encampment: 2014 Chicago, IL
Residence at time of Encampment:
North Carolina
Lives in: North Carolina

Interview with Herb Raffaele: Societal Values – Conservation’s Driving Force

Herb Raffaele, EFC 1963 Puerto Rico, has more than five decades of experience in international wildlife conservation. He has led global efforts to conserve endangered species such as tigers, elephants and gorillas, and much more.

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