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2022 Encampment: July 5 – 27, Cal Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA

take a deeper look at social justice issues • form an inclusive multicultural community • learn more about your own community and share with peers across the nation

fund multicultural democracy — help to sponsor a 2022 Encamper

75th Anniversary: Why the EFC is important to me.

2019 Encampers and Staff.

Pesticide-Free Soil Project Compost Tea Party.

The 2022 Encampment is

July 5-27, Thousand Oaks, CA

Young people ages 15-18




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The Encampment is …

a summer experience to live what you learn, make friends from across the nation, and expand your worldview.
year-round opportunities for leadership development, building community, and learning.
a nationwide network of committed alumni and partners, working for social justice in their home communities.

News & Events

The Other Strawberry Festival

The Other Strawberry Festival

Join us May 1, 1:00 PM Pacific for The Other Strawberry Festival/Acompáñanos el 1 de mayo de 2022 a la 1:00 p.m. PT del Festival de la Otra Fresa

Alum Network


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Interview with Eleyna Fugman — Building Relationships Across Class and Race

Encampment: 1991 CA
Residence at time of Encampment:
Covelo, CA
Lives in: Portland, OR.

A Group of People as a Source of Power – Interview with Bernice Hightower

Encampment: 2018 Mississippi & 2019 Ventura County
Residence at time of Encampment:
Newark, NJ
Lives in: Washington, D.C.

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