EFC Programs

Opportunities for Year-Round Engagement

Year-round programming creates a vibrant EFC community that supports and sustains its members as they work for economic, political, environmental and social justice.

The summer program is the heart of the Encampment. It is a true experience in democracy where young people from a wide variety of backgrounds gather for three weeks in a supportive multicultural Encampment community to explore issues of concern to them and our society.

Throughout the year, we provide support for recent and older alums and the larger EFC community through programs such as:


Eleanor Roosevelt with 1946 Encampers

Annual InterGen after the Summer Encampment

Both the Encampment program and working at the farm have been such unique experiences.

Not only have these programs inspired me to be better for my community, but they have shown me ways that I can. Through Zoom and hands-on learning, they give me tools that I didn’t realize I needed, to make an impact larger than myself.


2020 Encamper and PFSP, Gardena, CA

We are strengthening democracy by creating community.