We need you!

While we are virtual, some of the items or activities listed below are not relevant but most are and you can look ahead to the residential program in 2022.

We can help you get started

Volunteering is the heart and soul of the Encampment, especially now. We need the efforts of all alumni and supporters at whatever level will work for you. You don’t have to contribute a lot of time — we’ll find a way to get you involved, a lot or a little!

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Ways to Help

Here are some ways you can help the Summer Program.

Share program information with family, friends, colleagues and your community.

Help with youth recruitment. Tell us about potential youth, and organizations and schools that youth can be recruited from.

Raise funds to sponsor a youth for this summer’s program. If you’re an Encampment alum, you can do outreach to alums from your Encampment to sponsor a youth.

Donate items for the Summer Program Wish List (for in-person program 2022):

  • Frequent flyer miles for Encampers’ transportation.
  • Working laptops, iPads, and other electronic devices.
  • New sleeping bags.

Suggest other national youth programs that the Encampment might collaborate with for future summer programs.

Here are some of the ways you can help build the organization.

Contact Encampers and staff from your Encampment.

Tell them about the new Encampment.

  • Ask for their up-to-date contact info, to update the Encampment database.
  • Ask them for names and contact info for other alums.
  • Ask friends and family to donate to the new Encampment. It’s easy to do and any amount will help.

Help grow the Encampment archive by sending photos, yearbooks, and other memorabilia to the Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries.

Help the Alumni Outreach Committee find alums.

Connect with an Encampment regional group in your area. Or contact the Encampment to start a regional group.

Help publicize the Encampment and build support.

Interview alums.

Assist with organizing this year’s Inter-Generational program.

Provide contacts at foundations that might consider supporting the Encampment or help identify foundations to approach.


2020 Online Encampment

Encampers and staff, White Plains, NY 1970.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Fundraising — sponsor a youth!
  • Marketing — spread the word!
  • Donate Wish List items
  • Interview alums
  • Outreach — regional groups
  • Inter-Generational program organizing
  • Archives donation
  • Fundraising — foundations
  • Recruit youth
  • Recruit staff
  • Identify youth organizations

Contact us to volunteer!

The Encampment is really important. It is one of the biggest things in my life …

that has affected me in a positive way … I learned so many things, including leadership skills that I needed. My people see situations in my community and they don’t really stand up to improve them. When I first came here, I was shy and, little by little, I began to get comfortable with the people. The Encampment is like a family.


2016 Encamper, Lost Hills, CA

We are strengthening democracy by creating community.