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The Encampment runs almost entirely on donations from our network of alums, allies, and supporters like you. Your gift to the Encampment makes a world of difference to the Encampment youth, who will bring their increased awareness and commitment to social change back to their homes, schools, workplaces, and community.

All donations are tax-deductible, and every gift, regardless of the amount, is essential to our work. The Encampment for Citizenship’s EIN (Tax ID) number is 30-0694938.

Please make your gifts to “Encampment for Citizenship,” the non-profit organization that produces the Encampment.

2020 Online Encampment

EFC alum (1989) Jason Warwin, co-founder and associate executive director for Programming & Training at The Brotherhood/Sister Sol credits the EFC with the spark that ignited his social justice path. He gives annually to support EFC’s work.

“The Encampment creates an intentional community where youth can engage in learning and discussion of critical issues amongst peers from various races, creeds, and origins. Where they can make sense of the world, and find ways to build solutions together. Where they can develop a passion for social justice, and learn to turn that passion into positive action. This is the Encampment’s crucial work with the next generation of leaders.”

There are many ways to give

Online: Donate once or be a sustainer (recurring donations)

It’s easy! It’s fast! It’s secure! No checks to write, no stamps to buy! We partner with Network for Good so that you know your donation is secure. You can make a one-time donation or become a Sustaining Donor.

Sustainers are a special group of donors who make hassle-free monthly contributions, designed to spread donations into comfortable amounts over time.

Whether $10, $20, $50 or $100 per month, Sustaining Donors help the Encampment maximize support to our youth. Our youth can rely on us because we can rely on you.

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It’s easy! It’s fast! It’s secure! Give through the PayPal Giving Fund!

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Donate by Mail

Checks can be made out to “Encampment for Citizenship” and mailed to:  

Encampment for Citizenship
PO Box 1210
Aptos, CA 95001-1210

Give through your workplace

Many employers make matching gifts. Find out if yours does and double the size of your contribution! Some employers arrange for pre-tax deductions and handle the donation for you to your favorite organization. The Encampment for Citizenship’s EIN (Tax ID) number is 30-0694938.

Donate in honor of

Our future is in the hands of today’s young leaders. By making a gift to the Encampment in honor of a friend, colleague, or loved one, you are directly supporting the next generation of engaged and thoughtful leaders committed to creating a more just world. At the bottom of this page, you will see a few of the justice leaders who inspire us to make an honorary donation.

If you make a donation in memory of someone, please note that on your check or contact us and let us know who is being honored and if you would like us to notify the family. These options are both available on the online form too!

Make a legacy gift

By including a bequest to Encampment for Citizenship in your will, you ensure that we will have the resources to work with youth into the future. In general, an amendment or “codicil” can be added to existing wills, and can be changed at any time. Be sure to include our entire name, “Encampment for Citizenship,” and our address:

Encampment for Citizenship
PO Box 1210
Aptos, CA 95001-1210

Please consult a lawyer if you need legal advice. We can also direct you to online resources for making a will.

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Why I Support the Encampment

“We created our own world of inclusivity and equity where everyone had a say.” Chela Blitt, EFC alum, parent and supporter, describes how the EFC helped to set her values as a young person and the importance of supporting young leaders now. Your year-end gift means the Encampment can keep inspiring young leaders and giving them tools to make the world better.

I have chosen the Encampment for Citizenship to be a recipient of memorial gifts that celebrate the life of my husband, Alan Rabinowitz. Learn more.


Why I Support the Encampment

Eleyna Fugman, alum 1991, tells us why she makes a monthly recurring donation to support the EFC’s work. “Being part of that summer left me feeling empowered. I felt like I could do something about racism and sexism. That experience helped me understand that whatever I had to offer was important and that it mattered what I thought, and what I felt and did. It encouraged me to keep going then and I’m still in this field of community organizing and change-making because of it.”

To set up a recurring donation on your credit card, just pick that option when you donate.

Why I Support the Encampment

Board Co-Chair Evelin Aquino tells us “Why I Support the EFC” and urges us to give, no matter the amount, to support EFC’s work with young leaders in the movement for equity, justice and democracy.

Inspiring support through their legacy

Al Black, Alice Pollitzer, Allard Lowenstein, Jean Kotkin, Isaac Ben Ezra, Bill Shannon, Ed Peeples, Alan Rabinowitz, Charles Patterson are a few of the EFC community members who have inspired others to support the Encampment.

Why we need the EFC more than ever

In 2016, I had the joy of meeting an incredible group of young people who were part of the Encampment summer program. I was blown away by their commitment to social justice, and the program’s commitment to critical thinking and exploring what it means to be a “citizen” as viewed through the various lenses of immigrants, indigenous peoples, people in positions of power, and people marginalized and on the fringes. I became a sustaining donor in 2020 as we saw our society fractured by a pandemic, partisan politics and further disenfranchisement of vulnerable populations. I truly believe we need the Encampment now more than ever to empower young people to redesign their futures to center on critical thought and empathy, and move us toward a more just and equitable society.

Ruvani Perumal

EFC Sustaining Donor

We are strengthening democracy by creating community.