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The Encampment Has Changed Me Entirely

The Encampment Has Changed Me Entirely

Encampments: 2015 Jackson, Mississippi; 2016 Amherst, Massachusetts; 2017 Intern, Amherst, Massachusetts
Residence at time of Encampment: Pine Ridge, SD
Lives in: Spearfish, SD

Alum: Jason Neal

Alum: Jason Neal

Encampments: California, 1989
Residence at time of Encampment: Long Island, New York
Lives in: Long Island, New York

Alum: Ada Deer

Alum: Ada Deer

Encampments: New York, 1956
Residence at time of Encampment: Wisconsin, on the Menominee Indian Reservation
Lives in: Wisconsin

Alum: Ed Peeples

Alum: Ed Peeples

Encampments: New York, 1957
Residence at time of Encampment: Richmond, Virginia
Lives in: Richmond, Virginia
The EFC mourns Ed Peeples who died in 2019.


2020 Online Encampment

Encampers (including Vivian Calderon and David Sandoval) in the 1966 DC Encampment meeting with Congressman Roybal. Submitted by David Sandoval.

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The Encampment has pushed me to reach my growing edge this summer.

… I performed an original piece on a stage, I hiked a mountain and I learned so much about cultures other than my own. I will continue to commit my voice to the Encampment and spread the word to everyone I know. I want more youth to have the same opportunity and experience that I did.


2019 Encamper, Jackson, MS

We are strengthening democracy by creating community.