“We the people, in order to form a more perfect union…” is used for everything from selling gun holsters and patriotic T-shirts to state and national civics programs and a progressive music video on Netflix. But how many people today feel the power of these words — words that inspired and accompanied action and change? So many people feel hopeless in the face of the challenges we face and disempowered as a “We.” 

The Encampment is a lived experience of “We the People” that shows another way is possible. What does that look like?

“Bringing diverse people together, building community, helping them to develop a level of critical thinking and social justice, and then working and struggling together to try to create change is a model I’ve practiced for the past 30 years, based on what I learned at the Encampment.” — Jason Warwin

In the video below, alums Jason Warwin (1989) and Margot Gibney (1971) share why the Encampment approach is vital for the development of youth leaders today and as an antidote to hopelessness in our communities. Jason is the co-founder of The Brotherhood Sister Sol and Margot is the executive director of the Encampment.

They also discussed the importance of making a financial commitment that makes it possible  for EFC to meet the needs of young people today. They emphasize that every donation adds to the pool of support that the Encampment can depend on to grow.

Please consider a monthly donation of $10 or $25. That adds up for the Encampment over time. If you can afford more, that’s even better, but every donation is appreciated!

“Every contribution makes a difference in our capacity to meet the challenges of the day and provide the kind of support and networking that young people really need.” — Margot Gibney

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2024 Encampment: Civil and Voting Rights in Montgomery Alabama

The 2024 Encampment (July 2–23) will be in Montgomery, Alabama, focused on civil and voting rights. We will engage with the community of Montgomery to learn about the struggle for fair housing, equity in education, clean water access, voting rights, and resistance to Jim Crow. With help from our guest experts, museums, and community organizers, we will analyze strategies from the Civil Rights Movement and discuss how we can find inspiration to battle the current attack on civil rights. As always, we will also examine the role of culture in social justice movements. Apply here.

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What is the Encampment?

  • Young people ages 15–18, from the U.S. and beyond, living and learning together for three-plus weeks in a summer program focused on experiential learning, critical thinking, community, and social justice in action
  • A follow-up program that supports them to take action when they go home
  • A nationwide network of committed alums and partner organizations, working for social justice in their home communities.
  • An option for local Ventura County alums to intern with our year-round Pesticide-Free Soil Project

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