EFC Alumx: Impact Over A Lifetime
Several Generations of Social Justice Activists


2022 Encampers are back in their communities and working on:

  • their college applications!
  • Alvin is organizing a Cultural Awareness Day for the spring featuring artifacts, foods and fashions.
  • Melanie is co-leading a Social Justice Dialogue Club and contributed a Caribbean dance to her school’s international program (pictured).
  • Jason helped organize his school community to raise $6,000 for Hurricane Fiona aid. His action plan is to organize for more garbage cans in Harlem.
  • Piper, a Pesticide-Free Pesticide Program intern is part of the social media team sharing PFSP’s work with the community.
  • PFSP intern Joaquin helped harvest cempasúchil (traditional Dia de Los Muertos marigolds) at the Community Roots Garden (pictured).
  • Basil and Aydin are co-leading the students of color group at their school.
  • Maribel is running for first-year rep of La Voz Latina
  • Jaden successfully advocated with his principal to see that school lunches were  provided consistently.
  • Imani is creating a film and literature analysis club.
  • Zora iniitiated a Black Student Alliance at her school.
  • Sarahi Noyola, 2022 EFC summer intern, has started teaching art in middle school.

EFC Alumx Donna Katzin, Gale Brewer and Tanya Espy-Disparti

Gale Brewer (1968 MT), New York City Council Member, sent us the above picture. She writes, “We were at the Manhattan Country School Fair. Tanya works there; I am the Council Member for the area; and Donna is the mother of students who attended and the wife of a Board member. All of us are EFC alums.” 

We asked Tanya, (1989 CA) how EFC has influenced her liffe:

“As I look around at an increasingly polarized world, I realize how fortunate I am, as I have an internal compass guiding me to hear, and try to understand the perspective of others.  How can I know what my values are if I’m not exposed to differing opinions?  

Without a doubt, this worldview came from my EFC experience.  I’ll never forget being so close with two young men from Spain, only to find out that they held political beliefs that were wildly different than mine.  But what we had in common was a genuine concern and respect for each other, which helped us work through difficult conversations.

The more we are able to build community with those who share similar, and different opinions, the better we will be as a nation, and world.” — Tanya Espy-Disparti, Director of Admissions and Enrollment at the Manhattan Country School

Hausson Byrd (2014  IL)

Hausson Byrd was an Encamper in 2014. This year he facilitated a popular Zoom workshop at the 2022 Encampment, talking with the Encampers about the role of art in social justice. We interviewed Hausson to learn about his journey from the Encampment to the life he has created as a poet and performer. Check our website in the coming weeks for his alum story.

We asked Hausson, Why is the Encampment important now?

“It’s a very unique space in terms of cultural leaders that are built in a community of diversity. It’s one thing to get that lens with everybody on your block or people in your city. It’s another lens to have these conversations at that age and work through issues with kids from across the country. I got what I needed. I didn’t need history — I needed art; I needed culture; I needed confirmation and encouragement. It’s a space where youth can get what they need and that’s important.”

Click here for a video of Hausson talking about why EFC is important now.

EFC Alumx — Click here to tell us what you are up to in your community and we will share with the EFC community!

Herb Raffaele (1963 PR) Publishes a New Book on Conservation

Herb Raffaele, EFC 1963 Puerto Rico, has more than five decades of experience in international wildlife conservation. He has led global efforts to conserve endangered species such as tigers, elephants and gorillas, and much more.

We interviewed him about his latest book, Revoyage of the Mayflower, where he shares the conservation successes and failures he has noted in his long career. The compelling message of Revoyage is that community values are what determine the success or failure of conservation efforts. “We’re social animals. In the course of writing the book, I read a huge amount about the psychology of the human mind and how we make decisions — our values guide everything; absolutely everything.”

Herb has many stories from his long career about what works and doesn’t in wildlife conservation. To read more and view videos, click here.

To view a short “Takeaway” video, click here.

Danny Fetonte, 1966 KY

We are saddened to report the passing of EFC alum (1966 KY) and lifelong activist, Danny Fetonte on October 23 in Austin, TX.

Services will be held Saturday November 12th at the Texas AFL-CIO, 1106 Lavaca Street beginning at 10:00 AM. Immediately following there will be a further celebration of Danny’s life at his home at 8301 Washita Drive.

In lieu of flowers please consider making a donation in Danny’s name to one or more of these organizations

Danny was a longtime union organizer and supporter of LGTBQ and immigrant rights. He was active with 350 Austin, an climate change organization active in challenging corporations that contribute to polluting the environment. Last May he participated at a protest regarding climate change. He said, “This is wonderful, seeing high school and college kids stand up. People think that activism doesn’t do anything, but you can change things if you stand up and fight.”

Danny was a loyal supporter of the Encampment and he will be missed. Picture shows 1966 Encampment, Barbourville, KY.