We have almost met our $15K match challenge with only $1,530 to go! Your donation of any size gets us closer to our match.

“At age 16, at EFC, I was immersed in experiential learning with the widest variety of people with whom I’d ever lived. My consciousness grew exponentially from such exposure and our collective experience. I learned to see the world through others’ views; to consider how others thought; and to expand my ideas for a better, equitable community.” Carol Shannon Hsu

To help us meet our match, EFC alum, Carol Shannon Hsu is giving one of her handmade VOTE pins to any donor who donates $250 or more.

Carol Shannon and Jean-Pierre Hsu have been professional artists for more than 4 decades. This VOTE pin is of anodized aluminum, Their work is sold in galleries and museum gift shops around the country. Their VOTE jewelry is currently for sale at the Smithsonian museum shops in Washington, DC. Here is your chance to get a special EFC edition of the pin with your donation. Everyone should have a VOTE!

Your donation, no matter what size, ensures that the power of multi-cultural, cross-class conversations, so crucial to democracy and justice, continues at the Encampment. But most importantly, it means that 2022 applicants like this one get the funding they need to participate:

“A family friend attended the Encampment and said that it was life-changing … After being cooped up in the house because of Covid, I am ready to get out in the world and have my voice heard. What I hope for is to make an impact on the community and be a part of change. I have so much passion inside of me that I want to share it with others.”

Please give generously to support these life-changing conversations and connections.You can help to sponsor a 2022 Encamper and spread the word about the importance of voting with your own VOTE pin!