2017 crop for 2020 recruitment

EFC 2020’s virtual approach will connect a network of young changemakers during this global health crisis and nurture resilience and agency among them.

 “The Encampment truly cares about the success of young people. The program does a great job of connecting youth from all over the country and cultivating their visions. I learned so much about myself, my community and the issues that affect others. I was able to connect my ideas with the ideas of other youth around the country, and I gained a new perspective.” —  Sarahi, 2019

JULY 6-25, Monday-Friday plus July 25

In 2020, EFC centers its community-based and arts-as-activism learning approach on:

  • health equity issues;
  • community resilience;
  • understanding ways to work for social justice through local, state, tribal and national governments;
  • effective responses to social justice issues;
  • and getting out the youth vote. 

Participants will learn and practice the powerful strategies of critical thinking, action planning, and using creativity and the arts in working for social justice.

Community Building

  • Share your community with peers across the country using online platforms, and learn about theirs
  • Connect to a network of young changemakers
  • Build lifelong relationships

Learn ways you can work for social justice through local, state, tribal and national governments

  • EFC’s hands-on learning style will help you connect the dots for making change
  • Hear about diverse examples of effective activism
  • Get information about how to get involved with local or national Get Out the Vote organizations or campaigns

 Arts Workshops

  • Learn to use the creative process to work for social justice
  • Draw on the arts as an organizing tool for change in your community
  • Use the arts to get out the youth vote

 Social Justice Action Groups

  • Participate in virtual breakout sessions that develop your social justice leadership skills and provide you with tools to take an idea and put it into action


  • Learn from social justice leaders across the nation
  • Grow your network of intergenerational changemakers

Action Plans

  • Create an action plan to address an issue in your home community
  • Explore what makes a successful organizing strategy
  • Engage with social justice activists in your community

“The Encampment changed the course of my life. I became conscious of social justice issues through the curriculum and through my fellow Encampers, who became like family to me. I realized the importance of my voice, and the power of my generation to make change. It was also a great addition to my college application.”  — K.C. O’Hara, 2014

2016 group long crop for 2020 recruitment

Program Fees

As always, the fees are on a sliding scale ($50–$1,500), based on income. No one will be turned away for inability to pay. In addition, we will work with each participant’s individual situation to help them have access to the internet and necessary hardware and software.

Apply today — May 25 Deadline for new applications.